8 iunie 2011

Nothing can be said

Filed under: Video — maskirovka @ 14:05

Poem of atoms

„O, day arise! Atoms dance! / Souls, overcome by ecstasy, dance! / In your ear I will tell you where this dance leads. / Hear it well! / All the atoms in the air and in the desert, / Are as if insane, / Each atom, happy or miserable, / Is smitten with the Sun / Of which nothing can be said”

Poem of butterflies

„All of us are in reality like three butterflies
We’re the fable , in the lover’s oasis
The first came near the candle
and said : ‘I’ve discovered the meaning of love ‘
The second fluttered its wing near the flame
and said : ‘I’ve been burned by the fire of love ‘
The third threw himself into the fire
Yes,Yes.This is the meaning of love”


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